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When it comes to home office Furniture Atlanta, stores may have at least some of their inventory shown on the website. Desks and office chairs might be categorized under bedroom furniture.

More Home Furnishing Trends for 2019

The time has come to update home furnishings and consumers want to know what they should expect when visiting a Furniture Store Tucker. As with all fashion items, trends do come and go with regard to home furnishings. Remember the burnt orange and tan colors of the 1970s? Will they be making a resurgence or will something new be seen this year? Following is what one can expect when buying new pieces for the home.

Geometric Patterns

Visit a Furniture Store Atlanta and you may be overwhelmed by the sheer number of geometric patterns offered. In the past few years, tribal patterns have been very popular but this appears to be changing. Look for flowing, asymmetrical shapes to appear on couches, chairs, and more in furniture stores across the country this year.

Curves Are In

Just as curves are becoming more popular when it comes to the human shape, they are also seen in many new home furnishings this year. This trend was popular in the 1970s and has been updated for 2019. Try adding a curvy chair in the living room to see how it transforms the space. Once you do so, you'll likely want to incorporate similar pieces into other rooms of the home.

The Details

Don't overlook small details when purchasing new pieces for the home. Look for Furniture Tucker with unique detailing, as this allows the item to stand out in the room. It may be contrast stitching, a flanged seam, or something of a completely different nature. All allow the item to truly become a focal point of the area. Be sure to update accessories in this area also for a completely new look.


Different metals can be viewed in furniture stores this year. Designers are making use of blackened metals, brass, and gold in their creations, although rose gold appears to have moved on. What makes these pieces unique, however, is their lacy and intricate patterns. Often, the furnishings resemble a work of art rather than a functional piece, although they are actually both combined in one furnishing.

Visit a Furniture Store Stone Mountain today to see these trends and others in person. Once you do so, you'll be ready to begin updating every room in your home. Take it one space at a time so you can focus on that area and ensure it looks the best it possibly can. When one room is complete, move on to the next. After the entire home is done, you can stand back and admire your choices and how they truly make your house a home you love yet again.